is your kombucha alive? what does that mean?

We brew our kombucha using traditional methods and high quality ingredients to produce a rich population of microscopic beneficial bacteria. We consider our kombucha to be alive because we do not filter or pasteurize thus preserving the full spectrum of probiotics, enzymes and nutrients found in the fermented liquid.

how many grams of sugar & calories are in one serving?

There are approximately 7-8 grams of sugar or 30 calories in each 12 oz serving of kombucha. Our cans contain one 12 oz serving. We use only the necessary amount of sugar to ferment the tea and promote probiotic growth but not more than that.

is your water kefir dairy-free?

Our kefirs are completely dairy-free. They are made using a dairy-free water kefir culture that consumes plant sugars rather than milk sugars to produce lactic acid bacteria. We use only local honey or maple syrup for the fermentation of these special tonics.

Do your tonics contain alcohol?

Because of the natural fermentation process our tonics contain trace amounts of alcohol but not enough to make it an alcoholic beverage. In order for our beverages to be considered non-alcoholic we maintain the trace alcohol content to .5% or less.

how much kombucha should i drink?

We recommend that people to listen to their bodies and consume a wide variety of fermented foods such as sauerkraut, pickles, yogurt and more. We don’t think you can have too much kombucha, so long as you are drinking water too. All of our fermented drinks promote digestion due to probiotic bacteria found in it, the more you drink the more digestive it will be.

why cans instead of bottles?

Choosing to use cans for packaging was a conscious decision for many reasons; the primary reason being that aluminum cans are easier on the environment and our bodies. Cans require less fuel and energy to produce, recycle and transport than glass bottles. They also weigh less once full, which means they are less of a strain to a small family-run business that self-distribute all of their products (that’s us).