Kombucha is a living fermented tea rich in probiotics and enzymes that goes way back to the Far East.  We make ours with organic, beyond-organic and/or wild harvested high-grade single origin teas.  The tea is brewed in ultra pure reverse osmosis water and combined with organic cane sugar before being transferred to American Oak barrels for fermentation.  Our friends at Adirondack Barrel Cooperage in Remsen, NY collaborated with us to design and craft custom barrels specifically for our kombucha fermentation process.  What results from this labor of love is a delicious and probiotic bev that can be enjoyed by the whole family.  Delight in it straight or mix it with your favorite spirits in a cocktail.

Single Origin

A series expressing a single type of tea from one location and production method.  This allows the tea leaves to shine and highlights the craft of the tea growers + producers.


Crisp, bright and floral with sweet jasmine aroma and citrus on the palate

Spring-plucked green tea leaves from the tea region of Northern Vietnam.  Hand-scented with fresh, organically grown jasmine blossoms using traditional methods.

Fermentation Vessel: American Oak Barrels

Pairs with: sushi, bibimbap, summer salad
Plays well with: soju, tequila blanco, vodka


Luscious and wild with cucumber, apple + desert mint notes

Cousin of yerba mate and guayusa, yaupon is the only plant native to North America which contains caffeine. It also contains theobromine, an active constituent of cacao, tea and coffee. Sustainably wild-harvested in Texas by CatSpring Yaupon. Learn more at catspringtea.com

Fermentation Vessel: American Oak Barrels
Pairs with: barbacoa, brisket, grilled radicchio
Plays well with: mescal, apple brandy, belgian tripel

black Dragon

Rich and toasty with comforting cacao and tamarind fruit notes

Large, mature tea leaves are tightly rolled and undergo 40% oxidation for a deep but still surprisingly fruity bouquet. Grown in the famous oolong area of Anxi in Fujian, China

Fermentation Vessel: American Oak Barrels
Pairs with: tacos de asada, massaman curry, mole rojo
Plays well with: stout, mescal, sotol

Royal phoenix

Fragrant with notes of summer plum and bouncy texture

From the Phoenix Mountains in Guangdong, China, this large leaf oolong is twist-rolled and baked with precision.  Popularly known as ‘honey orchid’ for it’s vivid aroma.

Fermentation Vessel: American Oak Barrels
Pairs with: kung pao chicken, camarones a la diabla, jambalaya
Plays well with: añejo tequila, apple mead, mamajuana


Light and pillowy with a sweet pine aroma, notes of cantaloupe and a buttery mouthfeel

Organically grown leaves from Ningde skillfully pan-fired in hot woks.  Traditionally known as San Bei Xiang or three cups fragrance for its generously aromatic leaves.

Fermentation Vessel: American Oak Barrels
Pairs with: ceviche, fattoush, saffron rice
Plays well with: cava, botanical gin, cachaça


In this series we offer the therapeutic support of traditional plant allies. Adaptogenic and medicinal herbs are infused in single-origin tea kombuchas to create a delicious and seasonally appropriate blend.

Soft Rays

Organic green tea kombucha infused with tulsi, st. john’s wort and saffron from Rumi Spice

When the days are cold and gloomy, call on your plant friends to raise your spirits. Receive a warm embrace from this herbal sunshine trio.

Fermentation Vessel: American Oak Barrels
Pairs with: oysters, soba noodles, Persian chicken kabob
Plays well with: dry gin, tequila reposado, prosecco

crystal falls

Organic green tea kombucha infused with burdock root, lemongrass and cardamom from Diaspora Co.

A catalyst for cleansing and detoxifying the body and mind. Step beneath the crystal flowing falls, rinse off the winter and make room for clearer days.

Fermentation Vessel: American Oak Barrels
Pairs with: baba ghanouj, masala dosa, shawarma
Plays well with: soju, vodka, pét-nat


Water kefir is a probiotic and dairy-free ferment made with natural plant-based sugars and botanicals.  We use the water kefir fermentation process as an opportunity to feature two amazing local products: honey and maple syrup.  We source these from our favorite local bee keepers and sugar shacks.  It's also our opportunity to put our backgrounds as herbalists into practice; combining different herbs to make yummy and therapeutic kefirs that make you feel just as good as they taste.  Oh, and as always, we've made sure that they play well with others.  Check out the specific spirits pairings for each of the seasonal water kefirs we make below.

Ginger Beer

Sparkly and spicy with plenty of ginger warmth and citrusy freshness

Made with: Organic ginger and fresh squeezed lime . Wildflower honey from Uncle Pat and his family at Slate Valley Farms in Granville, NY
Fermented with our house ginger kefir culture

Warming, bright and digestive

Pairs with: fish tacos, sautéed veggies, red curry
Plays well with: gin, whiskey, vodka


Floral and fragrant with ambrosia honey notes and a light tartness

Made with: Hibiscus, chamomile and calendula flowers. Wildflower honey from Uncle Pat and his family at Slate Valley Farms in Granville, NY
Fermented with our house kefir culture

Calming, soothing and uplifting

Pairs with: wood-fired pizza, watermelon salad, falafel sandwich
Plays well with: gin, vodka, cachaca