The Run Down

Membership Term: January - February 2018

Pickup Dates: Jan 6, Jan 20, Feb 3 + Feb 17

Pickup Location: 2247 13th St, Troy, NY 12180

On the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of Jan and Feb, you bring your clean empty growlers back to our brewery in Troy and we'll fill them with fresh and delicious kombucha and/or water kefir, depending on what's on-tap*.  There are two membership offerings of either 2 or 3 growler fills per pickup.  Also included is the initial set of growlers** and lots of other fun merch listed below.  Additionally, you'll get 10% off all other Yesfolk purchases during the term of your membership and free admission to 1 workshop at our brewery during the winter season.

This will hopefully be the first of many CSA sessions and we're looking forward to getting as much feedback from y'all as you're willing to share.  

*The fills you get at each pickup are determined by the brewers based on what we have set aside for the Club at the time.  This will include a combination of our flagship brews and/or limited runs and exclusive concoctions made just for y'all.  Don't worry, we'll make sure that you don't get the same set of fills twice in a row.

**If you already have 32 oz Yesfolk growlers, you will be refunded $4 per growler at the first pickup.

Signup Deadline: January 6



$88 : Two 32 oz fills every other week + perks (a $130+ value)


$124 : Three 32 oz fills every other week + perks (a $175+ value)


•   Discounted prices on fills and bottles

•   Yesfolk Swag Pack

•   Bottle Brush

•   Cute Bottle Bag

•   Tonic Cocktail Recipes

•   First pours of new, seasonal and limited batches

•   Brewery tour and barrel tastings

•   10% off all Yesfolk purchases during 2 month membership

•   1 free Workshop Admission during winter season